When people choose a premium-brand product, there are both rational and emotional aspects involved. The collaboration with tennis star Roger Federer came about to reinforce the aura that surrounds our brand. The charismatic sports maestro has been the JURA brand ambassador since 2006. The partnership has been hugely successful, because no one else embodies so well the core values of Swiss origins, precision, elegance, performance and continuous development. Federer is a Swiss icon – recognised, respected and admired around the globe. He inspires millions of people both on and off the court and ranks among the most trustworthy celebrities in the world. This gives him an important role, especially in building a global brand. 

Federer values his long-term partnership with JURA and draws parallels between sporting success and successful entrepreneurship. ‘The key to staying at the top is to develop continually while remaining true to yourself. Only when you can critically question yourself can you have the creative discussions and thought processes which result in the new ideas and solutions that ultimately produce innovations,’ he says.

JURA is as focused on coffee machines as Federer is on his sport. ‘During a game, I’m constantly making decisions with every shot. Sometimes it takes courage to follow through consistently in your game in the way you’ve chosen. But the more often you do something, the more natural it becomes. You become a specialist, you get stronger, better and more self-confident. That’s the secret of long-term success.’

The brand ambassador thinks JURA’s headline is perfectly chosen: ‘Freshly ground, not capsuled sums up exactly what the brand stands for. For the coffee machine specialist, the coffee quality and offering a wide range of specialities at the touch of a button are really important.’ But for Federer, ease of use and easy cleaning also clinch the match. ‘People have less and less time, so it’s important to simplify things and save time.’

Shortly before he was invited to take on the role of JURA’s brand ambassador, Federer had bought a JURA coffee machine. He explains why: ‘The machines are very aesthetic. But it’s not just the design that matters, it’s also the intuitive operation. And of course, they also make amazing coffee.’

Federer takes an active interest in the development of the company: ‘I have an ambition to approach my role as brand ambassador with positivity, to get involved and give my best. I’ve seen how the company has become more and more focused and has grown over the years, and it’s remarkable. JURA is never satisfied with past achievements. It doesn’t stand still, it’s always looking forward. It fills me with pride to be brand ambassador and I’m incredibly excited about our future collaboration.’ The same goes for us!